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This style is a variation of the Sixth Century Monastic Tradition of Saint Benedict and carried on in the Arts and Craft Movement of the Nineteenth Century by William Morris.


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Celtic Books

The Green Book

Morris Books

Victorian Heritage Books

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This style of binding has become popular with publishers since the 1830's when bookcloth was first invented. Then, as now, no synthetic materials were used.


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Recycled paper, exposed sewing, original William Morris prints by Sanderson (UK).


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The boards depict simpler technologies (except for the penguins) of an earlier age


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Original Marbled Book

Old Age Book

This Hand Bound Book is made from high quality Acid Free Paper, hand sewn with Irish Linen thread on strong tapes. Silk headbands contrast with bookcloth and marbled paper.


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Cambridge style bindings first evolved in England in the second half of the Seventeenth Century.


The style was used mostly on theological books and in University   libraries, particularly so in Cambridge.


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Books like these  first evolved in the monasteries of the Dark Ages.  Sixth Century of the Order of Saint Benedict sewed together skins of vellum on strong cords.  Today I use acid-free paper folded into sections and sewn by hand with fine Irish linen thread onto strong  jute cords.  


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This hand bound book is made from strong recycled and recycled boards that formed the covers of old books.


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Cambridge Style Binding

Dark Age Books

Book Box

Victorian Pocket Books

The Diary

Gothic Binding

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These are one off designs, built to fit a  medium size format, such as the dark-age book.



         A5                     $1,08 0   BX

Acid free paper; original antique book cloth; fancy printed endpapers; suitable for Victorian re-enactors.


85 x 115    A7        $30.00     VPB


One day per page. Any year diary with ruled feints in sepia.

Options of three different bindings.


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Books like these were bound by German monks, using stout oak boards and are affixed with bronze clasps.


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